Flagpin Contactless Lifter 9 Pack

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Contactless lifter

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Flagpin contactless lifter (Pack of 9)


In response to safety concerns, the Contactless Lifter enables easy removal of the ball from the hole without any need to touch the flag pin.

Simple use your putter to raise the device and your ball is released back onto the putting surface.

Designed for use with standard 1/2 inch fibreglass pins or CMW 5/8 Links Pins.

It will not work with Tournament/Javelin pins or with pins with a diameter of >16mm at any point (excluding the ferrule).

Made with heavy duty PVC plastic tube and aluminium discs for added strength.

This product has been specifically designed as a temporary pin accessory to assist in reducing the risk of infection while playing golf.

COVID-19 Updated Guidance on the Rules of Golf by the R&A (Monday 29th June 2020):

As a temporary provision, flagsticks can be used for the purpose of player safety which do not meet the specifications in Part 8 of the Equipment Rules. For example, a Committee may temporarily decide to use a flagstick that has an added movable platform or tray to help prevent touching the flagstick when removing the ball from the hole

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