Football First Aid Kit

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Football First Aid Kit


The Football First Aid Kit has been designed taking into consideration the injuries that might happen on the playing field.

The Kit provides you with comprehensive first aid supplies required to treat common injuries that occur during football.

The Football First Aid Kit complies with FA Guidelines and it is supplied in a run on bag which has excellent portability. The carrier bag is water-resistant and can be used in any weather conditions.

Refills for the bag are available when necessary.

Extra first aid items can be added to the first aid kit, adapting it to your needs.

Kit Contents:

  • First Aid Guidance Leaflet x 1
  • HypaCover Sterile Dressing x 2
  • HypaBand Triangular Bandage x 2
  • HypaCover Sterile Eye Dressing x 1
  • HypaBand Conforming Bandage x 1
  • HypaBand Crepe Cotton Bandage x 3
  • HypaCool Instant Cold Pack (Compact) x 1
  • Safety Pins x 12
  • HypaClens Eyewash Pod 20ml x 2
  • HypaGuard Foil Blanket x 1
  • Moist Wipes, Alcohol Free x 10
  • HypaPlast Pink Washproof Plasters x 20
  • HypaPlast Microporous Tape x 1
  • Scissors x 1
  • HypaCover Low Adherent Dressing x 2
  • HypaGuard Flat Face Shield x 1
  • Personal Protective Pack x 2
  • Gauze Swabs Sterile 7.5×7.5cm x 5
  • HypaPlast Zinc Oxide Tape x 2
  • HypaBand EAB, White, Medium x 1


Football First Aid Kit approved by several County Football Associations