Rugby First Aid Kit

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Rugby First Aid Kit


Rugby First Aid Kit has been designed for contact sports and is ideal for rugby teams. Contact sports have a higher level of risks which makes a suitable first aid kit a necessity. Rugby First Aid Kit comes fully stocked and complies with RFU Guidelines. The first aid content is stocked in a water resistant run on bag which can be used in any weather condition. The first aid kit has great portability and can be transported easily to a casualty for a quick response. Refills are available when needed.

  • Conforming Bandage 7.5cm x 1
  • Crepe Bandages Assorted x 3
  • First Aid Guidance Leaflet x 1
  • Triangular Bandages x 2
  • Low Adherent Dressings Assorted x 2
  • Zinc Oxide Tapes Assorted x 2
  • Eyewash Pods (20ml) x 2
  • Sterile Dressings Assorted x 2
  • Disposable Gloves (Pair) x 2
  • Polythene Apron x 1
  • Microporous Tape x 1
  • Moist Wipes x 10
  • Face Shield x 1
  • Safety Pins x 12
  • Scissors x 1
  • Self Seal Waste Bags x 2
  • Foil Blanket x 1
  • Instant Cold Pack Standard x 1
  • Small Trigger Spray Bottle x 1
  • Sterile Eye Dressing x 1
  • Washproof Plasters x 20
  • Gauze Swabs, 8 ply (7.5 x 7.5cm) x 5
  • EAB (5CM X 4.5m) x 1