SupaStadia Eco


The ideal choice for contract marking

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Boosts whiteness


Exclusive, Vitax Amenity’s highly concentrated line marking paint with dilution rates of between 10:1 to 20:1 depending on the application and remarking frequency. Supplied pre-measured in 1 litre bottles for a true one-shot experience. Supastadia Eco the environmentally friendly alternative to conventional dilatable line-marking paint.

Available in single one litre bottles or in boxes of twelve one litre bottles.Highly concentrated paint.Supastadia Eco for bright long-lasting quality sports pitch markings.Highly concentrated line-marking paint takes the guesswork out of line-marking.Eco paint’s advanced formulations makes it the choice for all applications, from large sporting events to the smaller budget constraint sports clubs.

Less mess simply empty the bottle contents into your pre-determined volume of water.No paint measuring required.Accurate consistent paint mixes.Supastadia Eco paint offers the user true flexibility on line quality and line-marking frequency.Easily manage your paint stock.Reduced impact on the environment.Lower transport costs due to not transporting larger containers enclosing more dilute products.Less storage required for unused product and empty containers.Easily transported in single bottles or by the box of twelve.Easily recycled small bottles.Eco paint is ideal for both spray line or transfer wheel application.


Supastadia is ideally suited for all year application due to its long lasting characteristic.

Pack Size – 5 litres

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Single Bottle, 12 Pack