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  • Smart Ball is the amazing counting football. Challenge yourself and compete with your friends to see who can get closest to 100 keepie uppies.
  • Use your feet, legs, knees, chest and shoulders to keep the Smart Ball from hitting the ground. The Smart Ball will count and light up each time it makes contact with your body. Smart Ball counts up to 100 with sounds and phrases to spur you on.
  • Switch on your Smart Ball by pressing the sensor button for 3 seconds. Once you hit it, the counter ball starts counting. For the best results, make sure you inflate your Smart Ball to a minimum 70cm circumference. To switch to football mode or change the batteries, unscrew the counting sensor from the ball using the flat key provided and add the football bung.
  • For the best results make sure you inflate your Smart Ball to a minimum 70cm circumference this will help ensure the sensor registers every kick.

Batteries required: 2x LR44 1.5v batteries (included).

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